Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Executive Head TeacherMrs H Stocking
Executive School Business Manager and PA to the Executive Head TeacherMiss K Sherrell
Head TeacherMr A Clewes
Assistant Head Teacher (SENDCO)Mrs K Nelson
Assistant Head Teacher (Upper Key Stage 2)Mrs E Meakin
Assistant Head Teacher (Lower Key Stage 2)Mrs P Moorcroft
Assistant Head Teacher (EYFS/Key Stage 1)Mrs M Baker

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Leaders

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities LeadersMrs K Nelson

Learning Support Practitioners

Learning Support PractitionerMiss S Gleave
Learning Support PractitionerMrs T Redgate
Learning Support PractitionerMrs D Morris

Family Support Team

Designated Safeguarding Officer and Enrichment LeaderMrs S Slater

Admin Support Team

School SecretaryMrs M Morgan
School Business ManagerMrs J Bailey
Learning Environment Leader/Reprographics AssistantMrs S Wilson-Otter
Site SupervisorMiss L Burton

Specialist PE Provider/Coach/Nurture Leader

Sports Leader across the TrustMr S Davies

Lunchtime Supervisors

Lunchtime SupervisorMiss C Chadwick
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs B Davies
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss K Cope
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss L Hancock
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss C Peebles
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs D Willatt
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs R Birch
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss E Smith
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs K Redfern
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs S Lowe
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs S Toplass
Lunchtime SupervisorMiss S Hancock
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs L Reeves
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs A Seddon
Lunchtime SupervisorMrs B Eardley

Early Years Foundation Stage

Nursery JA
TeacherMiss J Ainsworth
Senior Early Years PractitionerMrs S Speakman
Educational AssociateMrs J Emery
Early Years PractitionerMrs D Snape
Reception GB
Teacher / Early Years LeadMiss G Birkin
Senior Early Years PractitionerMrs S Dale
Reception ZM
TeacherMiss Z Moutford
Early Years PractitionerMiss K Dale
Educational AssociateMrs E Wood

Key Stage 1

Year 1 MB
TeacherMrs M Baker
Educational AssociateMrs J Espley
Year 1 LS
TeacherMrs L Stevenson
Educational AssociateMiss K Burgess
Year 2 KN
TeacherMrs K Nelson
Educational AssociateMrs H Horsham
Year 2 JD
TeacherMrs J Durber
Higher Level Teaching AssistantMrs S Stanyer

Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3 JE
TeacherMiss J Edwards
Educational AssociateMiss A Shenton
Year 3 NP
TeacherMiss N Perry
Educational AssociateMiss R Edmonson
Year 4 PM
TeacherMrs P Moorcroft
Higher Level Teaching AssistantMiss C Henderson
Year 4 AB
TeacherMr A Booth
Higher Level Teaching AssistantMiss C Henderson

Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5 BC
TeacherMr B Card
Educational AssociateMrs K Coates
Year 5 TB
TeacherMr T Bowyer
Educational AssociateMiss K Coates
Year 6 EM
TeacherMiss E Meakin
Educational AssociateMrs L Warrilow
Year 6 AN
TeacherMiss A Naisbit
Higher Level Teaching AssistantMrs K Sumnell