Year 2 KN & JD

Topic Overview Autumn 2 Newsletter Term: Autumn 2
Topic: Winter Babies

In Year 2 this half term we are looking at 'Winter Babies'. We will be taking a visit to The Chill Factor in Manchester where we will be experiencing a real winter wonderland! In our English lessons we will be looking at non-chronological reports and writing all about polar bears. In maths we will be looking at money, time, division and multiplication too. Our classrooms are feeling really chilly now... so cold that our role plays are now igloos!

Topic Overview Autumn 1 Newsletter Term: Autumn 1
Topic: The Selfish Giant

This half term our topic is 'The Selfish Giant'. We will be exploring the book The Selfish Giant, by Oscar Wilde. In maths we will be consolidating and practising our place value skills and use these to begin to add and subtract using this knowledge. We will use our 'Potting Shed' role play area to pretend to be the Giant growing flowers in his garden. In science we will be looking at plants and growth and will complete an experiment to see the best conditions for seeds to grow. We also have a fabulous day at Dovedale planned, where we will cross the stepping stones and explore the wildlife!

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