Year 1

Topic Overview Summer 1 Newsletter Term: Summer 1
Topic: Aliens Love Underpants

For our topic, in English. we will be studying 'Man on the Moon'. The children will read and discuss this book and complete writing about space. The children will design and make their own spaceship. The children will research Neil Armstrong. The role play area has been transformed into a space ship and when they are in the role play area they will be able to design and make masks, write in a space log book and learn about the planets. The children will be visiting Jodrell Bank.

Topic Overview Spring 2 Newsletter Term: Spring 2
Topic: Toy Story

During this half term our topic is 'Toy Story'. We will be looking at a variety of books including, Dogger and Old Bear. During our topic we will be looking at the different toys that children play with and we will be looking at how toys have changed over time. The children will have access to older toys in the creative area of our classroom. We will be using different materials to create toy pictures and collages and using our pencils in different ways to create amazing toy sketches. We will be visiting Sudbury Hall Museum. The visit will involve taking a look around a real life museum and exploring old and new toys. Our role-play area has been changed into a toy shop, where the children can act as a shopkeeper or a customer and purchase their very own old or new toy.

Topic Overview Spring 1 Newsletter Term: Spring 1
Topic: Little Posties

This half term our topic will be 'Little Posties'. Our role play area will be a post office where the children will have the opportunity to act out the different jobs, weigh parcels, design stamps and write postcards. The children will be visiting a post office, buying a stamp and sending their own letter. They will will write their own letters about their own adventures and send them to their peers. In English, the children will be exploring the adventures of Sunny the meerkat.

Topic Overview Autumn 2 Newsletter Term: Autumn 2
Topic: Fairy Tales

This half term we will be looking at Fairy tales. We will be focusing on Aladdin. We will be writing the story and writing our own wishes. We will also be looking at and describing the characters and settings from fairy tales. Our role play area is a Genie's Lamp and it is full of fairy tale activities and costumes. We are all looking forward to our visit this half term, which is to the Regent Theatre to see the pantomime.

Topic Overview Autumn 1 Newsletter Term: Autumn 1
Topic: Swamp Land

Our topic for the half term is 'Swamp Land'. We will be going on a trip to Park Hall Country Park. The trip will involve the children pond dipping. In English we will be writing descriptions about the Bog Baby and writing instructions. Our role play has been transformed into our own pond with activities within the role play including English, Mathematics and topic work.

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